Style-shots of a personal project - work in progress - to further explore the usability of the viewing angle dependent changing refractive IOR shader that was originally used in the "Black Hole Approach" project scenario to achieve the gravitational lensing effect. Here it has been modified to be used as a spacetime-warping portal. The portal shape is made to resemble a standing wave but still needs some work to be more interesting in the animation. The style shots are meant as a guide for the final look and feel of the animation.

The color grading was pushed slightly towards the very artful and brilliant slightly surreal Francis Ford Coppola movie "One From The Heart" (1981).

The 1972 Datsun 240k GT car model was created by the fantastic modeller Karol Miklas and can be found on sketchfab. The model has been re-textured and dirtied up and has received new number plates.

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